Steve Austin Comments After RAW, Speculation on R-Truth and MITB

– It’s being speculated that the reason WWE did the injury storyline on R-Truth last night is because of his legit groin injury he suffered a few weeks back. It’s possible Truth wasn’t going to be ready for Money in the Bank so they pulled him from the match. No word yet on who Truth’s replacement will be.



– As mentioned before, WWE teased Steve Austin as being the anonymous General Manager on last night’s RAW. Austin sometimes Tweets during RAW but didn’t last night. However, he wrote the following after the show: “busy all day folks…working on a project to be shot in Vancouver in a few weeks….more details later…gonna hit the hay..good night.”

Fans bombarded Austin’s account with comments and about him being the General Manager and the teasers on RAW. Austin replied: “I missed it but it sounds like It was an interesting RAW.”

As noted before, sources indicate that WWE does not have Austin planned as the General Manager.

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