Steve Austin Drops Brock Lesnar WrestleMania Bombshell

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a legend in the pro wrestling business. He recently spoke about Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, who are two of the biggest stars in the company.



Steve Austin sheds praise on Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns

Austin spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Bill Apter and heaped praise on Brock Lesnar. ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ believes Lesnar is among the two biggest professional wrestling draws alongside Roman Reigns.

‘The Tribal Chief’ sits at the top being the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Meanwhile, Austin noted that Brock Lesnar had been a relevant name in combat sports for nearly 20 years. The WWE Hall of Famer claimed that no wrestler could outshine Lesnar’s career, as Austin thinks the former WWE Champion has had one of the most unique runs in the business.

Here’s what Steve Austin had to say about The Beast Incarnate:

“He is still, after almost 20 years, the biggest draw, him and Roman, in the business today. Brock Lesnar has had one of the most amazing, different runs in the history of the business, and no one will ever do it like Brock Lesnar has done it,” said Steve Austin. “Whether it is Suplex City or in the Octagon, or whatever it is, Brock is doing.”

The former Universal Champion showcased his diversity as a babyface, and Steve Austin was happy to see Lesnar experiment with his on-screen persona. The decision to alter Brock Lesnar’s presentation paid off for WWE as the veteran seemingly became even more popular with fans. Lesnar is one of WWE’s biggest draws, and it was primarily due to the charisma he possessed, believed Steve Austin:

“That babyface run he had right before WrestleMania 38! When you have this big mass of an alpha male, and he shows that vulnerability, and people just clamor to him,” explained Steve Austin.” “So just, [he] is a charismatic force of nature!”

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