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Steve Austin Gives His Frank Views On Current WWE Product

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was critical of the WWE product on Tuesday’s episode of his podcast, and spoke in detail about some problems he saw with the current offering – below are the highlights:

On WWE going back to professional wrestling instead of sports entertainment: “I think you’re barking up the right tree because that’s the same type thing that I preach. I’m all about, ‘Okay, we know it’s a work but we’re presenting it like this in a serious fashion.’ I did a thing for the NFL Network the other day — it’s right down the street from where I’m at right now — I walked in the NFL Network. It felt, smelt, and breathed — I knew I was in a football factory. That’s what they talked about. That’s what their passion was. That’s what it was about.”

On making things believable: “You can put it under the umbrella of ‘sports entertainment’ but when two guys or two gals get in a 20-by-20 squared circle and start wrestling, it is professional wrestling and that is the end of the story. Yes, it would be great to see… I’m all about yeah, we know it’s a work, but we all want to believe. In a world that’s a work, all you can do when the storylines aren’t so great, make the people believe in you. But that being said, here’s the thing: WWE is its own world. They say ‘WWE Universe,’ so whatever they create and put out there is what they create and put out there. So create and put out something that people can buy in to on a serious note, and don’t make it the three-ring circus that it’s become, and let it be wrestling.”

On the Attitude Era: “I’m not saying that you’ve got to go back to the Attitude Era. I ain’t saying that. I’m not saying you have to say one cuss word. It’s about believability and telling the story in the ring. Intriguing storylines. And all you got to do is reeducate your fan base.”

On WWE fans being open to a more serious product: “In my opinion, they’re [the fans] gonna want to go along for the ride. Okay, all the sudden we’re taking it serious. Here’s what it is. Here’s your top 10 rankings. Here’s who’s in line for the title shot, and why. And oh, by the way, your mother’s an ugly dog. Oh, you just made it personal!”

  • Ray Myer

    Don’t even need Austin. Put Jim Ross in charge.

  • D2K

    They just need to get the Hollywood writers outta there and get former wrestlers back in those positions. Run it like a wrestling company instead of a Reality show.

  • MabZ

    Preach. I agree with both you and Austin. That booking 101. It’s not that hard.

  • Timothy Davis

    Let Austin run the show not HHH haha.