Steve Austin on current state of tag team wrestling in WWE

WWE has five active sets of tag team titles in the company. The company is criticized for not giving enough importance to the tag team division, with the titles being considered as an afterthought.



On The Steve Austin Show, Austin talked about the current state of tag team wrestling in WWE, admitting it is not what it once was. The problem stems from the fact there are not enough teams to really have a deep division and build proper stories.

“Man, and that’s the thing. The tag team scene just ain’t what it used to be and that’s not knocking any team that’s out there. I’m just saying there aren’t as many teams and they’re not together as long to build the history, the chemistry, and you just know what the other guy is going to do when you go out there.”

“You have four different people out there and a referee. With all the minds and all the different tricks you can do, there’s so much to watch, so I love tag team wrestling. It’s just that it [has] kind of faded off a little bit and that’s with all respect to the tag teams still out there doing good work. It just has changed.”

Teams such as The Revival still compete in old school tag team matches with psychology, which has always been a success throughout the history of professional wrestling. However, a lot of improvement is needed for the tag team division.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

Harrison Carter
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