Steve Austin talks about his heel turn

WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin turned heel at Wrestlemania 17, shocking fans all around the world. He joined forces with Vince McMahon at the Houston pay-per-view. He regrets this decision even now.



Steve Austin spoke to Pardon My Take, where he talked about his Wrestlemania 17 heel turn. Austin said that if he could go back and change it, he would have called an audible at the time and refused to turn heel.

Leading up to it, he thought he was “starting to flat-line” a little and the idea of a change was good, especially as Vince always likes something big at a WrestleMania. So, he suggested that he would turn heel and then would Join Vince to get massive heat, but in retrospect, Stone Cold now thinks it was not warranted enough.

This is certainly something fans would like to forget.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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