Steve Austin vs. Cody Rhodes Massive Rumor Leaks

WWE WrestleMania 39 is right around the corner and the card is shaping up for the two-night extravaganza.



The Wrestling Informer has reported that WWE legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is not willing to face “Indy nobodies”

WrestleMania 39 looks unbelievably crap.”

It was noted: “Can’t believe people think the nose man deserves a pass for this. The Rock and Austin didn’t wanna do business with him— with Austin not wanting work with one of his Indy nobodies

“As for Cody… Prey for a Roman win if you have sense”

When one fan asked, who those stars might be, the outlet reported that to be Cody Rhodes or Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins is currently involved in a feud with Logan Paul and they will lock horns at WrestleMania 39. Meanwhile, Cody won this year’s Men’s Royal Rumble match and will face Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the massive event.

Speaking to Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Dutch Mantell explained why The American Nightmare’s injury might have ended up benefiting him. Mantell added that WWE has the habit of overexposing its new talent, which results in them becoming stale pretty quickly. As such, the wrestling veteran feels that Cody Rhodes being out of action due to injury kept his aura intact.

Cody’s injury may have helped him. And this was my theory about Cody coming from WWE to AEW because WWE has a tendency to eat its new talent alive. As soon as they get there, they’ve been there for three weeks; it seems like they have been there for six months because they put them out to get them over, and then they become part of the furniture so to speak,” said Dutch Mantell.

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