Steve Austin vs. LA Knight At WrestleMania Leaks?

LA Knight has vowed to be featured on WrestleMania 39. Though he is not lined-up for any match he will reportedly be involved in a segment, with some speculating Steve Austin will get involved. Xero News has reported that he will be featured on Night Two of the event.



The outlet further noted that he should be set for a segment after Edge vs Finn Balor to have a breather before Main Event. However, that could change. The main event on Night Two will see Cody Rhodes challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

LA Knight recalls his time in IMPACT Wrestling

Knight touched on being the champion but not being the main event.  From 2015-2019, L.A. Knight, formerly known as Eli Drake worked with IMPACT Wrestling. Throughout his time in the company, he become World Champion, Tag Team Champion and held the company’s version of the Television Title.

Knight does feel there were multiple start and stop pushes for him and thinks that was due to the regime consistently changing. Speaking on Busted Open Radio he added that although he was champion, he was not the main event.

“If we go back to IMPACT (Wrestling), because you’re talking about gas break, gas break, gas break. God damn, if they didn’t change the regime there, who was running the place every six months it seems like so at that point, it’s like I started to get some momentum, new people come in. I start to get some momentum, new people come in. I get some momentum, new people come in. God, okay, well when are we gonna get this thing rolling? And then finally at some point, they kind of threw me a bone but kind of didn’t. I was like the champion but still wasn’t the main event which made no damn sense. So, it was like they gave me the trust but didn’t.”

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