Steve Austin WWE Elimination Chamber Status Leaks

Stone Cold Steve Austin has not yet been spotted in Jedah, Saudi Arabia for WWE Elimination Chamber. Austin is rumored to face Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38 for his first match in 19 years.



Matt Cardona (formerly known as Zack Ryder in WWE) is currently having the best time of his life in IMPACT Wrestling where he is the current Impact Digital Media Champion. He also had a great run in the independent circuit. He recently revealed that he pitched an interesting idea to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon that would have seen him get fired from WWE.

Matt Cardona reveals what he pitched to Vince McMahon

WWE had handed a release to Cardona a couple of years back. The former WWE United States Champion recently spoke at the Headlocked Panel at C2E2, and discussed several topics in regards to his WWE run. He recalled pitching an idea to Vince during his stint with the company. The angle would have seen him get fired by WWE. Cardona would have then made a bunch of appearances on the independent scene, before returning.

“One thing I pitched was something where I would get fired and then start doing like indies and stuff like that, and then come back. There was more to it than that. But, that’s something I actually pitched to Vince, and he seemed to like it. He just threw me off to some other writer. So, maybe he didn’t like it and he knew I was going to go in circles,” said Cardona.

Matt Cardona added that he wanted to get fired legitimately, but another idea made the script where an authority figure would have fired him in the storyline:

“But then it got to a point where it was actually got into a script where the GM would fire me. But I was like, ‘no, I don’t want to get fired by the GM, I want to get fired in real life,’” Cardona added.

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