Steven Seagal Daughter Spotted With Ex-WWE Star

Arissa LeBrock, the daughter of Hollywood stars Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock, had her aspirations of becoming a professional wrestler rejuvenated when she received a second chance from AEW’s Dustin Rhodes. In 2019, she had to take a hiatus from wrestling after sustaining an injury during her WWE tryout. However, she has been working hard and training at the Rhodes Wrestling Academy in Austin, Texas.



Rhodes is optimistic about LeBrock’s potential and spoke highly of her progress in a recent appearance on Sports Guys Talk Wrestling. He also expressed his admiration for her parents’ work in the entertainment industry. Rhodes is confident that LeBrock will shine in the upcoming school showcases, with the next one scheduled for March 26.

Rhodes is well-known for his ability to guide and nurture the next generation of wrestling talent. He has been praised by other veterans, such as Arn Anderson, for his exceptional teaching ability. With his support and guidance, LeBrock is on the path to realizing her dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

It’s pretty cool to see their daughter right here live in color,” Rhodes said. “She’s come off of modeling in California and things like that. We’re working with a personal trainer, and she’s trying to get everything — all her ducks in a row. She’s doing a great job, but this is only the beginning for her.

[She’s going to] get better and better. Pretty soon the whole world’s going to be talking about Arissa LeBrock.”

Rhodes has also expressed his interest in starting his wrestling promotion to provide his students with a consistent audience to perform in front of. He believes that LeBrock has only just begun her journey and that the world will soon be talking about her. LeBrock, who has also worked as a model in California, has been putting in the hard work, and Rhodes is confident that she will only get better with time.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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