Steven Seagal Is New John Wick In Fan Video

Steven Seagal has shocked the fans as the next assassin hero in a new trailer based on the John Wick franchise. The development of AI and digital effects has helped content creators show their craft on a grander scale in recent years.



A digital creator team on YouTube has brought the ultimate contemporary of Keanu Reeves’ John Wick. And that contemporary happens to be none other than Hollywood’s action legend Steven Seagal.

This assassin version of him seems highly entertaining for the fans of the parody genre. Taking up a challenge to seemingly prove a point of whether just anyone can pull off Keanu Reeves headlining the $991 million John Wick franchise, content creation team Corridor Crew published a stunning trailer depicting Steven Seagal as the new assassin hero of the franchise.

Basically, they took clips from ten of Steven Seagal’s movies to edit and replace them with the first three John Wick movies. The result was obviously a highly engrossing, entertaining, and hilarious suit named John Thick worthy of the franchise.

In fact, Seagal trying to exact revenge on the ones responsible for demolishing his favorite chair made the audience quite invested in the storyline waiting to see if the hero can get the justice he deserves.

It is evident that Steven Seagal is not going to make it in the search canon John Wick universe any time soon and the parody trailer has the fans waiting to see if they can ever watch the full movie for a good laugh.

As Steven Seagal is unfortunately not sweeping in to save the franchise, John Wick‘s future seems to still be in turmoil. Although Chad Stahelski initially announced that a fifth sequel would be happening, after multiple rewrites and Keanu Reeves’ unwillingness to continue the franchise for now at least, seems to have put that on hold.

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