Sting Matches After AEW Revolution Revealed

Cody Rhodes said in a media call that he bets Sting can have ‘regular wrestling matches’ again, so AEW Revolution will not be his swan song. Cody put over over his “frenetic motion” as still being there. He thinks he’s in it for the long haul with the AEW family. Cody revealed a big WWE name is calling AEW for a job.



Voices of Wrestling transcribed more of the call on Twitter: Cody is asked about Shaq’s crossover appeal. “Yes, you will see more crossover. I want to make new fans, I want to expand our fanbase.”

“We’ve seen in other places, they don’t make stars. We’ve seen in other places where they don’t hit the gas at the right time. I think we are the best to do it, because we HAD to do it. Britt, Ricky Starks, MJF, Sammy Guevara, Anna Jay, Red Velvet, that is our job.”

Jason Powell write in question about the long term plan to tape Dark, Evolution, Dynamite in the post pandemic world. Cody puts over the production team. Says they will do everything they can to avoid “marathon tapings”.

SEScoops asks about the second TNT show. Cody says the additional hour of TNT content now has a name, he cant tell us the name yet, but he loves it and it will happen in 2021.

Cody says there will be ANOTHER show as well. “We’ve made some pretty large moves”.

“TV is the big money generator so you will keep seeing big matches on Dynamite, one thing Tony Khan and all of us want to stress is that our go-home’s for the PPV need to be big, have something memorable.” Big Show’s AEW video was ‘censored’ by WWE.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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