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Sting reveals his feeling about never facing the Undertaker


The Undertaker vs. Sting is one of the most anticipated matches in the history of professional wrestling which fans will never get to see despite having a golden chance of it when Sting finally joined WWE back in 2014.

Apparently, Sting himself also feels disappointed that this match never happened as much as the wrestling community. During his recent interview with WXYZ-TV, the WWE Hall Of Famer revealed that it was his dream match too:

“I always wanted to wrestle Undertaker. That was a worldwide dream match, I think, and it was my dream match too, I always wanted to do that with Taker, just one time. I thought it would’ve been a good way to go out, but you know, I hurt my neck and the rest is history.”

Now as the Sting has announced his retirement from professional wrestling and Undertaker appears to be retired as well, the match between the two legends is likely to go down in history as a dream match which never happened.

You can check out the interview of Sting below:

  • BiggEZ

    Sting was jobbed out anyway when he finally did come to WWE. Did he win ANY match he participated in?

  • D2K

    When you think about how emotionally-draining the Rock/Hogan match was and how the crowd was dead for the rest of the night, I think also having Sting/Taker earlier would have had a deleterious effect on both matches. Having it before Rock/Hogan would make it seem small-time. Having it afterwards….well that just wouldn’t have worked. Sting/Taker was too big to be shared with a another mega-match.

    We know that Vince knew about Sting’s reasoning for not wanting to come to WWE so there really was no realistic chance for Sting to go over at Wrestlemania against anybody. Vince was not going to miss the opportunity to exude the greatest example of his insecurity by jobbing-out WCW’s biggest star and most loyal employee. Steve Borden is not dumb. He knew this was going to happen. He held out until WWE agreed to sign a check with the appropriate amount of zeros on it that it would be worth his time to job out. Now he has a stream of revenue from WWE royalties and merchandise that wasn’t these before. So at the end of the day, who really won out here?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    It could have worked at WM18, only bc it could have looked like a WWE vs wCw type
    Of matches. But I definitely agree wth you and I myself would have loved to have seen Sting in the WWE a lot sooner. And I think that if he had pushed it a lot more that they could have wrestled at the WM that Sting was at.

  • D2K

    Originally this match was supposed to happen at Wrestlemania X8, but because he was afraid that Vince would job him out to put over his own ego he decided not to go to WWE.

    Hindsight being 20/20 it’s easy to say that he should have come over then, but I personally don’t think that would have been a good idea. You already had Rock/Hogan so that would have taken a lot of the “sting” out of their match.


    Also, the Streak didn’t mean much back then as it does now. The match should have happened on 2011. Wrestlemania was in Atlanta, both Sting and Taker were in much better shape, and the build up was done perfectly with the vignettes. I don’t know what happened as to why talks broke down between Sting and WWE, but that is really where the Sting/Taker match hopes died. They still could have done Triple H/Taker the next year at Wrestlemania.

    It’s not like he’s salty about it. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. As great of a match on-paper that sounds like, more than likely it would not have lived up to the hype. A lot like Hogan/Flair.

  • TheFizPop

    Sat at home counting his contracted money (don’t blame him), then fcked around in TnA way longer than needed. It’s nowhere near worthwhile discussing theories here, but if he wanted the match like he often states, he could have had it.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    See we could have easily EASILY had the match when they bought him in, but instead we got that pointless authority angle and stinker of a match at mania which quite frankly was just another petty way of Vince rubbing WCWs nose in it