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Sting on never wrestling The Undertaker, what WWE stars he watches, succeeding in the business

WWE Hall Of Famer Sting was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated at WrestleCon earlier this month. Here are the highlights:

On never wrestling The Undertaker:

“There was a worldwide desire to see that match. It was a dream match for me, too.

“I regret not being able to get in the ring with him one time. It would have been great, but I’m OK with the way it turned out.”

On what WWE stars he watches:

“I’m always interested in what ‘Taker’s doing, and Seth, of course. I have some bragging rights because my career ended with him – so Seth, ‘Taker, I’m always paying attention to those two.”

On what it takes to succeed in pro wrestling:

“For me, it took almost 30 years. You’ve got to have your game face on, 24-7, that’s for sure, and be totally and completely committed in every possible way. You have to understand how to deal with the public and how to speak to the public. You have to work on your physique. You’ve got to have longevity, so you’ve got to be able to work through injuries. You’ve got to do all those things, otherwise you’re not going to be WWE-caliber. It takes a lot of effort.”

  • D2K

    It would depend of the circumstances of the match. If Sting somehow cost the Undertaker something like a title match opportunity as a way of challenging him, that would have given Sting a little heat. If the two guys were just facing each other out of respect, then the crowd would be split 50/50.

  • D2K

    The reason why Sting didn’t come to WWE right after WCW folded is because he feared that WWE would do to him PRECISELY what they did anyway. Put themselves over at his expense as one last and final F-U to WCW.

    The only reason why he came this time is for two reasons.

    1. He’s going to make tons of money for the rest of his life with royalties of Sting paraphernalia sales and WWE Network footage.

    2. They dangled the carrot of a possible match with Taker in front of him. Had he not gotten hurt the match probably would have happened last year.

  • Buzzkiller73

    Impossible for either of them to be heel. The fans recognize them both as icons of the industry. It is the same as Rock vs Hogan the crowd will eat it up either way,chant for both and have the memorable experience of two of the greats locking up.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    No they couldn’t…. hence the reason he never came to the WWE, until he did….

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Sorry not buying it they could have work something else. I mind you I understand he did not want a full schedule but they could have work something out. For some dream matches are this that a dream.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I don’t think he wanted to go to TNA bc it was better, in pretty sure it was always because of the WWE schedule.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    The reason why Sting vs Undertaker never happen falls on Sting. He should have came to the WWE right after WCW was sold. I understand he wanted to go to TNA but it was a step down I think for Sting an his career.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Nobody just two baby face facing each other.

  • BiggEZ

    Since they’ll never square off, let’s play the “What If” game, y’all. If Sting and Taker had hooked up, who would have been the heel?