Sting Painful Health Rumor Leaks To WWE Fans

Last month, Sting botched a Scorpion Death Drop on Jay Lethal during his tag match with Darby Allin against Lethal and Jeff Jarrett at AEW Full Gear. The Death Drop didn’t land right, so Darby Allin hit a coffin drop for the victory. Fans chanted for TNA when Jarrett and Sting went face to face during the match, as the two had one of TNA’s greatest rivalries in 2006.


Sting has been on a roll since he signed with AEW back in 2020 during AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming.Speaking to K&C Masterpiece, Sting revealed that he underwent surgery to have his knee cleaned six or seven weeks ago when he was discussing Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle Terence Steele tearing his ACL.

“I just had surgery, six or seven weeks ago now, basically just a clean out on my very old knees. I’ve seen those that went through the physical therapy process with flying colors, did what they were supposed to do, and worked through the pain versus those who did not, and those who did not, they never recover, the game never comes back to them.

I know that is of the utmost importance. For me, I had to do things differently in the ring, I had to prepare differently, train differently, think differently in the ring and come up with more innovative ways to accomplish my goal,” said Sting

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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