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Sting reveals if he is satisfied with the way his WWE career ended

Sting WWE

When Sting first made his WWE debut, people expected him to stay around longer and have matches with several top WWE stars including the Undertaker.

However, he ended up having only 3 one on one matches for the company with the final one being against Seth Rollins and he retired from Pro Wrestling afterwards.

During his recent interview with NBC Elmira, the former WCW Star was asked if he is happy with the way his career culminated in the match against Rollins.

Replying to the question the Wrestling Legend said that he did everything he could possibly do in the wrestling business and he is satisfied with the way his in ring career ended:

“I cannot complain. The bottom line is the last match I had, yes, I got injured and it was a bad injury. But I went out wrestling one of the best, Seth Rollins, and it was for the WWE World Title. I mean, what a way to go out. A world title match, I cannot complain, I have no complaints. I did everything I could possibly do in this business it seems, so I’m satisfied.”

While Sting says that he is satisfied with his career, one could only imagine how different his legacy would have been if he had wrestled with some more WWE Stars, especially the Undertaker.

  • Arnold Jackson

    There are tons of guys who got stronger pushes in WWE than they ever got in WCW. Big Show, Jericho, Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Raven, Molly Holly,

  • Arnold Jackson

    Goldberg’s first night he destroyed the Rock. If that isn’t looking strong, I’m not sure what is.

  • CC

    Please re-read what I said. I said they were not booked as STRONG as they were in WCW initially, not that they were not given title runs. Booker was treated as a comedy character for a long time and took forever to win an actual WWE world championship and Goldberg was not the monster he was in WCW and got made to look weak by HHH. It wasn’t until his recent return that he looked like the Goldberg of WCW with his Lesnar feud. Vince did not want any of these WCW guys to look stronger than his guys.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Booker T and Goldberg each had multiple title runs. It’s hardly like they weren’t given a push.

  • CC

    I think this is the whole born again christian speaking rather than the wrestler.
    Yes I am sure he was happy that at least he finally made it to WWE, but any wrestler, especially of his legendary status, has to be more than a little pissed off that his WWE career was so poor.

    Firstly, whether anyone believes his first feud should have been with HHH or not, what was bad about that angle was that he lost. It really was that age old bitterness that Vince harbours for WCW and not wanting to make ex-WCW guys look that strong. Whether it be Sting, Goldberg or Booker T, none were ever made to look as strong as they were in WCW. At least not initially.

    And secondly for it to end so quickly with no real accomplishments, has to be a kicker. He should have been champion at least once.Maybe that was the plan in the long run, but we will never know. It is all “what could have beens” now.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Stings wwe career was a joke, and i hate to say it because hes had such a legacy but its true