Sting Sends Bold Message To Cody Rhodes

‘The Icon’ Sting has tweeted a message to Cody Rhodes after his shocking departure from AEW for WWE. The former three-time AEW TNT champion sent shockwaves toward the wrestling and sports entertainment world with his and his departure and now the legendary Sting would touch on the Rhodes’ leaving.



The former AEW EVP Cody Rhodes and former Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes recently left the company for a painful reason. It has been speculated that they could soon join WWE and could even work WrestleMania 38. It has been claimed that Cody bought not only an expensive bus but also an expensive mansion.

Cody Rhodes bought mansion and bus

Wade Keller of PWTorch, spoke about how Cody bought a bus and a mansion. It seems that he has an issue of spending too much money which is similar to his father, the WWE Hall of Famer, late great Dusty Rhodes. Keller claimed that Cody had a small group backstage during his time in AEW but “he wasn’t out there just making himself available and getting to know everybody and shaking hands and welcoming people into the company and getting to know their story.”

Keller said:

“Cody was very focused on himself and the grandioseness of what he did. He recently bought a mansion — like a big house. And, you know, people are speculating about between that and the bus and all that, does he have the issue that his dad Dusty had, which is spending money that he’s expecting to earn before he has it or putting himself in a situation where there are financial commitments and he just needs to get paid to match that.”

Keller went on to claim that Cody has always had some issues. However, over time, Cody pulled himself more away. He had been driving the bus only to the Florida shows.

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