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Stone Cold and The Rock involved in Twitter exchange over how Rock used to sell the Stunner

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were two of the biggest draw of the company during the Attitude Era. The duo were entangled in a rivalry for the ages that resulted in three WrestleMania encounters.

During the course of the rivalry, The Rock has been victim to plenty of the Texas Rattlesnake’s finishing manoeuvre, The Stunner. The 1996 King Of The Ring winner shed light on the reality of the move on a tweet that showcased every stunner that The Brahma Bull took. Austin claimed the move as painful and went on to state that it was not overselling at all.

The Rock backed Austin’s claims and agreed that he never oversold the move contradicting to what the post stated. Have a look at the Tweets below


  • Soulshroude

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  • oppa

    In the original SmackDown video game for PS1, that’s how everyone sold the stunner.