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Stone Cold Steve Austin believes Roman Reigns does not need the Universal title

Stone Cold Steve Austin

t’s very much possible that Ever since Roman Reigns declared himself the #1 contender for the Universal Championship heading into SummerSlam, there have been rumours that WWE may have shifted their plans and Reigns might become the Universal Champion at SummerSlam itself.

However, a large part of the WWE Universe believes that putting the title on Roman will not be a good idea and it appears that WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin thinks the same.

During the recent episode of Steve Austin Show Unleashed, Steve Austin commented on the possibilities of the Big Dog becoming a Champion again and said that he needs to focus on the work instead of the title:

“He just needs adjusting, to focus on the work, get in a good engaging storyline and be Roman Reigns. F the title, don’t worry about the title. Stone Cold Steve Austin – I didn’t worry about the title. When I won it, it was cool. But did I live and die by it? ‘Hey man I got the title, I’m the World Champion’ – no I didn’t.”

Continuing on the topic, The Texas Rattle Snake said that Roman does not the belt and instead he needs some god stories and great opponent:

“I didn’t even need the belt. When you go back to Jake the Snake Roberts – he was a guy who didn’t need a belt. Roman doesn’t need the belt. He just needs good stories and he needs great opponents, and he needs to kick ass and show fire and execute.”

While Stone Cold clearly thinks that Roman Reigns does not need to win the belt, considering recent developments in the WWE programming, it’s very much possible that he may get another title run soon.

  • CC

    Roman doesn’t need the belt, and we don’t need Roman as champion, thanks.

    If anyone needs it right now its Balor. His injury killed his push, and WWE has completely ruined his comeback by essentially throwing him in the mid card. What better way to give him a massive push than to beat Lesnar?