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Stone Cold Steve Austin believes WWE should get rid of the tag rope

Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin recently held a Q&A session on his The Steve Austin Show and talked about a very interesting topic related to pro wrestling.

Austin talked about the rope at the top turnbuckle that is used during tag matches and it restricts a superstar from moving freely by allowing tags only when the star on the apron is in contact with the rope.

However Steve wasn’t very positive about the use of it, and he said that WWE should just remove the rope completely because these days it’s rarely used correctly:

“They’re rarely used correctly; they’re rarely even used; no one makes mention of them. They might as well take them off the goddamn ring and just have guys there hang onto the corner because there’s nothing worse than a guy standing there kind of haphazardly holding onto the rope and then alligator-arming his opponent or his partner because they’re too close to the f–king corner. So they may as well do away with the son of a b—–s, to be honest with you. but that’s my thoughts on the tag ropes, but it goes way back, I guess”

Apart from this, Stone Cold also talked about the crowd reaction and how he used to ignore the crowd until he got into the ring during his entrance, unlike today’s stars who are already playing with it as soon as they come out on the stage.

  • Grant Thomson

    Austin has become the cynical vet that says “Well back in my day…” And I love it. Because he’s always right