Stone Cold Steve Austin Gone From WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed after his WrestleMania 38 match with Kevin Owens that he is yet again retired from WWE.



“I came here looking for anything,” Austin said in a backstage interview with WWE following the show. “This is where I started and I was lucky enough to finish here. KO is outstanding, but he ran his mouth a little too much and it finally caught up with him. It was an honor to be here on such a stacked card with so many great matches.”

When asked how the moment felt, Austin replied, “You just love the crowd, you love the crowd, the guys and gals before me had so many great matches. It’s really hard to follow that, but you live and die by that crowd. This crowd is so faithful, so loyal, so rambunctious, they’re behind everything you do. I shout out to the WWE superstars that worked before me and will work tomorrow night, but I give the biggest shout-out to the crowd because I never expected to headline a WrestleMania at this day and time. It’s all about the WWE Universe.”

The former WWE star ‘The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe had been away from the pro-wrestling scene after he was let go by Vince McMahon’s company. He made his shocking return to pro-wrestling at the ROH Supercard of the Honor pay-per-view event. His run in NXT influenced William Regal and Triple H.

Samoa Joe says he knew he would get released

While speaking during the post-show, Samoa Joe talked about getting released by the WWE. The former NXT Champion stated that he knew he was going to get released after William Regal was fired and Triple H suffered his cardiac event.

“My going back to WWE was major because of the people I worked with and relationships I built in the company, mainly two people in Triple H and William Regal. As Triple H, dealing with his situation which I knew about and was way more concerned about than my employment, Regal, and his departure, I knew the writing was on the wall for me. Which is fine, we were a big collective team and a big collective think tank within the company and we went a different way.

As far as the release, it’s an up and down process for a lot of people, for me, it’s freed me up to pursue a lot of projects that I’ve wanted to work on. It freed me up to start talking with Tony and the future with what he wanted to do and I was very surprised that it matched up.”

Since his release from WWE, a lot has changed for Regal and Hunter. Regal recently joined AEW while ‘The Game’ announced his retirement. Samoa Joe is also set to appear on next week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what is next for him in his career.

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