Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals his favorite match from Clash of Champions

WWE Clash of Champions 2019 had people buzzing for all the right reasons and WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin recently joined the fans in praising the pay-per-view.



In the latest episode of his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, The Texas Rattlesnake talked about the event and revealed that the match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship was his favorite of the night.

Steve Austin first said that both Sasha and Becky are two of his favorites and he went on to claim that their match was probably the match of the night:

“I was so happy when Bayley turned heel, but when Sasha came back and turned heel because I just love her work as a heel. She’s just a better heel than she is a babyface. It’s more natural for her and when she’s ‘The Boss’ and has that swagger. And, of course, Becky is ‘The Man’ and has been dropping some monster promos lately and just very articulate and eloquent and just she’s ‘The Man’ and they had a damn barnburner. And it was probably, well it was, the match of the night. So congratulations to those two ladies.”

Austin also congratulated Charlotte Flair and Bayley as he felt that their match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship told a great story.

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