More on Storm Students Getting WWE Tryouts, Backstage Note on Goldust’s Role

– As noted before, Lance Storm had some of his students get tryouts with WWE at the recent RAW and SmackDown tapings in Canada. Storm revealed on’s Figure Four Daily show that he had four men and one woman get a look with WWE. Storm noted that WWE usually doesn’t look at women but he suggested they take a look at this one and she ended up working a match for agents. The un-named women’s wrestler is hoping to hear back from WWE after receiving good feedback.



Two of Storm’s students worked as Cody Rhodes’ bag handlers, one got squashed by Brodus Clay on Superstars and the other male appeared on SmackDown with Wade Barrett where Barrett walked out before the match began.

Storm also noted that Goldust was one of the most available people at both tapings. He pointed out that Goldust was in the ring 4-5 hours each day before the events to train with the Divas and whoever else.


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