Story Behind Maryse “Fainting” Last Week On Raw, More On WWE’s Twitter Policy, Natalya

— As seen last week on Raw, Maryse apparently fainted following her Divas tag match with Melina and Gail Kim. The explanation given for her falling down was that she was just really tired and blown up. She went to do her trademark hair flip, but realized she was not on the hard camera side so she just laid down and laughed off her miscue. (source:



— Apparently in response to last week’s online report saying WWE talent are no longer allowed to tweet after midnight or discuss UFC, Gregory Helms wrote, “Uh-oh! Tweeting after midnight! Don’t believe everything you read kiddies. I even watched TUF tonight. Oh no!!!! This might blow the Tiger Woods story away!”

— The WWE website has posted new photos of Natalya.

WWE star tries to jump to TNA? – details ->

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