Story on The Rock Meeting a Special Olympics Athlete, More on a New Wrestling Movie, Five Things

– WWE’s latest Five Things video looks at Money In the Bank veterans:



– We noted before that Jim Ross was in Los Angeles this week to film a role in What Now, a comedy that has pro wrestling elements to it. Former WWE announcer and wrestler Matt Striker is also in the movie. He flew to LA this week to film 6 scenes. Striker noted on Twitter that he plays an angry, sexually deviant cop that moonlights as a pro wrestler.

– Kofi Kingston and others participated in the closing of the 2014 Special Olympics in New Jersey this past week. WWE’s Community website has an interview up with Games Chairman and CEO TJ Nelligan about their partnership and more at this link. He told a story about The Rock meeting one athlete:

“At WrestleMania at the MetLife Stadium when we announced the partnership, an athlete named Ashley Weber was talking to me about three hours before the show saying, “I just want to meet The Rock.” And here comes The Rock walking toward her behind her back. I looked up and said, “You really want to meet The Rock?” He tapped her on the shoulder and she was in shock. She put her hand out to shake his hand, and he said, “Oh no, we don’t shake hands here. We hug.” And she wouldn’t let go.”

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