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Story on Triple H and Kris Kristofferson’s Son from His Recent WWE Tryout

– As noted before, wrestler Jody Kristofferson received a WWE tryout at the August 9th show in Sacramento, California. After Brodus Clay pinned Kristofferson, Triple H walked past him and said, “Nice bump, kid.” Kristofferson replied with a thanks and that was it.

Another wrestler working for an extra, as one of Cody Rhodes’ bag guys, approached Triple H and said, “You worked with that kid’s dad in a movie.” A puzzled Triple H was then informed that Jody was the son of actor and musician Kris Kristofferson.

Triple H then went up to Kristofferson and asked him why he didn’t tell him who his father was, and invited him to the SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    Which character was he in the Blade movies?

  • daniel

    @mr steal yo kinder egg kris kristofferson is a music legend but if you want to know who he is check out any of the blade movies but please watch them in order theyre quite good

  • daniel

    so he didnt disclose his dads identity at first but the name kristofferson is pretty unique

  • Mr Steal Yo Kinder Egg

    Kudos to Jody Kristofferson on not using his dads legacy as a way in…. Though…. I do ask…. Who is his dad???? Never heard of him

  • JIR

    He was trying to get a job not score free tix

  • adam

    Ok for all the people who think triple h didnt gain anything until i started sticking it to steph. You do realize he won a good portion of his titles and DX high time and all these other moments were before they were even involved. Ya him getting a office postion and being a higher up in the company is because of steph but not everything.

  • Tommy

    ^^ Haters gonna hate!

  • hardlyaaron

    Why didn’t he tell you, Paul? Maybe because some people don’t want to ride on the coattails of their father… or father-in-law.