Street Fight rematch to determine #1 contender for NXT Championship

Matt Riddle and Killian Dain are set to collide in a rematch this week on USA Network to determine who will become the number one contender for the NXT Championship.



Dain will meet in the ring with Matt Riddle in a street fight to determine who will face the champion Adam Cole for the NXT Championship.

Ahead of the match former SAnitY member Killian Dain issued a warning to Matt Riddle and champion Adam Cole.

Dain put a stern warning out there for Riddle and Cole which said that he has finally got the chance to smash his opponents. “This is everything I wanted,” wrote Dain on Twitter. “A chance to smash Matt Riddle again and then I’ll go on and destroy Adam Cole. I will be WWE NXT Champion whether you like it or not”

Meanwhile Riddle is of the opinion that he will be the one that will put the end to the unfinished business. After being done with Dain, next on Riddle’s list will be Adam Cole and the NXT Championship.

The street fight is being scheduled again because the match on last Wednesday resulted in a no contest. No winner was declared as it was mayhem involving the entire NXT locker room. The NXT General Manager William Regal set a rematch for the two to finish their war for once and all, and so that we can get a challenger for the NXT Championship.

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