Suge Knight Drops Snoop Dogg Illegal Crime Bombshell

Suge Knight, the American record producer and music executive, recently accused his former signee Snoop Dogg of illegally acquiring ownership and control of Death Row Records. TMZ released audio of a phone call with Knight, who is currently incarcerated, where he claimed that Snoop’s stake in the label was only possible because of an alleged crime committed by the rapper and Michael “Harry-O” Harris, a convicted drug kingpin who was an initial financier of Death Row Records.



Knight went on to question whether Snoop was actually the true owner of the label that he helped bring to prominence in the ’90s. He even accused Harris of committing bankruptcy fraud, which he says he and his lawyers only discovered a week prior to the phone call. According to Knight, when Harris filed for bankruptcy in 1995, he and his legal team knowingly participated in fraud that stemmed from the bankruptcy claim.

Knight referred to the sale of Death Row as “illegal” and a “crime,” highlighting the discrepancy in the legality of the sale and acquisition of the label amid Harris’ prior bankruptcy filing. He argued that it was not right for someone who committed the worst crime of the century to take Death Row from Black people and try to give it to white people, and then expect to turn around and reward someone like Snoop to go and get it back. Knight insisted that if they were going to talk about something, then they needed to talk about it.

“Snoop has a partner, which is Michael Harris, right” the 58-year-old told the outlet. “If you look at it, they committed bankruptcy fraud. I didn’t lose my company by doing anything wrong. They went in, and the lawyer didn’t show up, and they got a default judgment. I settled the judgement, they turned around and said I didn’t settle the judgement.”

You can’t take a person who committed the worst crime of the century to take Death Row from Black people to try to give it to white people,” he said. “And think you’re gonna turn around and reward and say he’s gonna grab Snoop and he’s gonna go get it back and have Death Row. It don’t work like that. So if we’re gonna talk about something, let’s talk about it.”

Harrison Carter
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