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Summer Rae speaks about her time in WWE and possible appearance at Evolution

Here are highlights from Summer Rae’s interview with BobCulture podcast:

On her time in WWE: “I went to my tryout in WWE, and I think within like six weeks, it was really fast for me, I was like down there, moved to Tampa, and the rest was history. I thought six weeks was like a long time, but everyone was like, ‘oh no, I waited years.’ I was like, ‘oh, ok. Great.’ It was all about timing, too. When I first started, there was only like five other girls. So now there’s like 30 something down there, so I think it was just really good timing.”

On her life after WWE: “It’s kinda like getting a divorce, and then going to date everyone else. And not committing to anyone. Like, I’m a big player now. I’m a playboy. Like, I’m in my wild, reckless early drunk 20s in my career (laughs).”

On being included on Evolution poll: “I would love to go. I have no idea why it was on a poll, but it’s great to have my name trend on Twitter every now and then. Thank you, WWE. So, I think it’s an amazing opportunity. I texted Sasha (Banks) right away when I found out. Really excited about Trish and Lita, of course. So, yeah, I’m still like a super mark, so I’d love to go.”

Would you guys like to see Summer at Evolution, or in fact back with WWE?

  • Ben

    Yes Summer-Rae is my favorite diva ever and a goddess

  • CC

    What did he prove? That nobody cares about whether she returns or not?
    What does she need “empathy” for?
    Has she hit hard times? Has she got cancer? Has her father just died?
    Someone talking about coming back for a show hardly needs “empathy”.

  • Matt

    Thank you for proving my point with your remarks.

  • Whistling Joe

    You have no sense of humor. What did she do that was memorable? Dance with Fandango? I know she actually had a career in NXT, but that doesn’t count, so did Tyler Breeze and look at him now.

  • Sparti Love

    Nobody wants to see the Hobgoblin return

  • Matt

    You guys have no empathy whatsoever

  • Whistling Joe

    I think she was the Soaring Flying Eagle mascot Swagger had.

  • Darrin Tyler


  • CC

    Could not care less. She was a valet in an era when valets really do not work.