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SummerSlam betting odds suggest couple of big title changes


The latest betting odds for the SummerSlam PPV are in and they are suggesting a couple of big Championship changes for the upcoming event.

Though the title changes suggested by the odds are not very surprising and if we believe to them then both Roman Reigns and Ronda Rousey are going to become champions by winning their respective matches on the show.

Elsewhere, champions like Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles are expected to retain their titles while there is no clear favorite when it comes to the SmackDown Women’s title match. You can check out the updated betting odds for the SummerSlam PPV below:

Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar +200 vs. Roman Reigns -280

Raw Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss +240 vs. Ronda Rousey -320

WWE Championship: AJ Styles -195 vs. Samoa Joe +155

Money in the Bank Contract: Braun Strowman -350 vs. Kevin Owens +250

Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler +160 vs. Seth Rollins -210

Smackdown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch +185 vs. Carmella +115 vs. Charlotte Flair +235

United States Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura -380 vs. Jeff Hardy +260

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Bludgeon Brothers -140 vs. The New Day +100

Raw Tag Team Championship: The B-Team -270 vs. The Revival +190

Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander -130 vs. Drew Gulak -110

  • CC

    Reigns will likely win, I think that is a given, but what people are really wondering and talking about is Strowman and his money in the bank. Whoever wins, will Strowman cash in on them or will he interject himself into the match to make it a three way? Even with his Owens match, being the “monster among men”, there is no reason he could still not do either of these.

    Rousey on the other hand I am not convinced she will win. And if she does, it is way too early.

    I love AJ as champion and want him to retain, but at the same time I want Joe to win the championship.
    Kinda the same feeling I had when AJ was feuding with Nakamura.
    I am hoping they a finally gonna pull the pin on Joe and give him a title run more I think.

    Strowman will win and keep his contract. Any other outcome is horrible (as much as I like Owens).

    Ziggler/Rollins. I would be happy with either of them winning, but obviously the expected outcome is an Ambrose turn that will cost Rollins the title.

    SD womens title. Lynch really needs the win, and if WWE has any sense they will give it to her. A loss for her here will damage her considering how much they have hyped up she has not held the the title so long and how strong they booked her in her fight to get that #1 contenders shot. Carmella has developed well as a heel champion but kinda sucks in the ring, so maybe a loss then feud with Becky will help her. Charlotte has no place in this match.

    Nakamura vs Hardy has to be a retain for Nakamura. If rumours of Hardys injuries are true, then he should not be winning. And regardless of that, we need to see Nakamura facing other challengers for the title.

    Bludgeons we hardly even see on tv, but would rather they win than New Day. At the moment I cannot think of a tag team I would rather see less of than New Day and their done to death gimmick. But of course, all the while the kids love them, they aint going nowhere.

    B-Team vs Revival .. love the gimmick, but not sure how long it can last with Axl and Bo. It has been fun, but The Revival needs this win. Sadly, with how they have been handled, I do not see them going over.

    Do not really care much for the cruiserweight title right now as Alexander is boring as hell. Gulak on the other hand has come along so far and would actually make the title interesting again I think.