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Summerslam to have TV-14 rating owing to mature content

This year’s Summerslam will be different from previous years events owing to the fact that the event is rated TV14. DirecTV first advertised the event as TV-14 and now other others have followed suit as viewers are warned about mature content.

According to a report by Brad Shepard, WWE issued this change in ratings as Summerslam might get very violent this year. Here is what he said:

According to a source in #WWE, the reason #WWE SummerSlam is advertised as TV-14 is because the show is “going to get violent.” I’m told blood will be shed, and also something big is being planned for the Daniel Bryan/Rowan/Roman Reigns storyline.

We wonder how WWE will be booking the event and which matches will be violent for the event to earn the TV-14 rating.

  • david young

    Oh, I thought WWE graduated from that blood and guys stuff?

  • Best Idea Ever

    Now let’s start working towards getting an MA rating for a PPV so we can have an “accidental” slip from Charly or Kayla.