Sunny Comments On WWE Hall of Fame TV Snub, Lashes Out At Critics

Sunny’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame was nixed from last night’s broadcast on the USA Network in favor of Drew Carey’s since a promotional deal is in place to push his new series on GSN. It was done in spite of her induction speech being advertised for the telecast the previous week on Monday Night Raw.



“The Original Diva” commented on being snubbed from the television broadcast, writing on Facebook: “Well, even though I was told by many, including office staff, that I had the best speech of the night, I was still bumped in favor of a game show host who was booed all night….hmmm, oh well.”

She also responded to those criticizing her induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on various Internet forums.

“When all the other divas come up to me and say “Thank you for paving the way, you are the reason we all have jobs”, it really means something.

“To be appreciated by my peers means so much more than what some dude who lives in his Mom’s basement and writes his opinions for an internet website has to say about me and my induction… you all can kiss my Hall of Fame bootie!!”

She added, “I would appreciate if everyone stopped posting the websites posting negative stuff on my wall…b/c it doesnt MATTER what they think…what matters is what the WWE and VKM think. Period.”

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