Super ACH provides explanation regarding heat with Jay Lethal

Super ACH, who was known as Jordan Myles in WWE, called Jay Lethal an “Uncle Tom” when he ranted about WWE last month. It was regarding a t-shirt that unfortunately looked extremely similar to blackface.



ACH took to Twitter recently and explained that he has no intention of apologizing to Jay Lethal regarding what he said. He said they have heat between them as well. So it seems the two will not bury the hatchet anytime soon.

“Lethal slapped me in a hotel room because he didn’t like me using the n word which he uses as well. He tried to pull my bish cars in front of the locker room, but I defended myself. I hit him back and took him down. And I was told I had to apologize for it because it would be In my best interest.”

“Jimmy Jacobs a person who I respect was the reason I felt I had too. When I went to Lethal he never apologized to me for putting his hands on me. All he did was tell me how he’s felt with racism etc etc. but not ONCE did he ever say my bad for hitting you.”

“So till this day I’ll say it loud and clear. I don’t like him. I never will. Stop asking me to apologize for what I’ve said because I won’t ever. ROH locker was the worst time in my career for me. I’m over it! I don’t care to talk about it. And I’ll do whatever in my powers To make sure I’m never ever belittled, embarrassed, or bullied again.”

ACH made his debut in MLW recently. With Jay Lethal still working in ROH, it is unlikely the two will cross paths in the future.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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