Superstar Shakeup edition of SmackDown draws 21% less audience compared to last year

The Superstar Shakeup episodes are one of the most exciting episodes of both Raw and SmackDown each year, however, this time they both have failed to draw a significant audience for the show.



The Raw episode which served as the first part of the Shakeup had drawn 2.665 million viewers. This was down from last week’s 2.923 million viewers and the SmackDown episode hasn’t done a lot better either.

The company had announced the return of Vince McMahon with a big announcement in advance for the episode but it still drew only 2.219 million viewers.

While this was a 1% increase from last week’s  2.199 million viewers, the audience was down  21% from the 2018 Superstar Shakeup edition of SmackDown which had 2.796 million viewers.

This week’s episode of the show saw Roman Reigns being moved to the Blue Brand and it’d be interesting to see if this change affects the numbers of the event in near future.

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