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Superstars try to avoid questions about Crown Jewel (Video)

While Vince McMahon has decided not to comment on Crown Jewel further than their statement, WWE’s decision has put their stars who have to face media on daily basis in an awkward position.

An example of it was seen recently when TMZ caught up with some WWE superstars boarding to Saudi Arabia and they tried to dodge discussion on controversial topics related to the show.

When asked about John Cena and Daniel Bryan pulling out of the PPV, one half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Sheamus said that they entertain people all over the world:

I’m excited to put on a great show for the people of Saudi Arabia, That’s what we do; we entertain people all over the world. … We’re entertainers, that’s what we do. WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment. I know it’s cliche but we put smiles on people’s faces all over the world, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do here, then we’re going to go from there to the UK and do the same thing in the UK.

The Miz also tried to avoid a similar question and when asked if he would like his wife Maryse to be able to wrestle in Saudi Arabia he said that he would like his wife to be with him all day. You can check out the video of it below:

  • MT McGee

    “We put smiles on people’s faces” How does Vince’s hand feel, Sheamus, you puppet?

  • CC

    “A lot of the guys pulled out” … names the only two people who pulled out.
    Doesn’t sound like a lot of people to me.