Supreme Court ‘Breached’ During Key Ruling

CNN’s chief legal correspondent Paula Reid was genuinely surprised at the Wednesday leak of another Supreme Court decision on abortion, following the significant leak of the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade two years ago.



“We begin with breaking news. The Supreme Court appearing poised to side with the Biden administration on a critical abortion case. This according to a document mistakenly posted on the court’s website. The copy, reviewed by Bloomberg, showed the court voting 6 to 3 to allow emergency abortions to take place in Idaho on a temporary basis, while the case continues through the lower courts,” reported anchor Boris Sanchez before Reid was asked to weigh in.

“So this reporting is coming from Bloomberg Law. At this point, they have not posted what they say is an opinion that was inadvertently posted on the Supreme Court website. We have not reviewed it ourselves. But in a statement, the Supreme Court acknowledges that a document was posted,” Reid began, adding:

“And I want to read their statement because they’re pretty careful with the language, the statement from the Supreme Court, quote, ‘The opinion in Moyle v. The United States and Idaho, the United States, this case has not been released. The court’s publications unit inadvertently and briefly uploaded a document to the court’s website. The court’s opinion in this case will be issued in due course.'”

Reid emphasized that the court seems to be trying to differentiate between a formal opinion and the mistakenly posted document. She highlighted two critical points: the apparent decision itself and the fact that this is the second major abortion-related leak from the Supreme Court.

Reid explained, “First, what they decided according to what Bloomberg Law saw. They’re saying that the justices in a 6-3 decision sided with the Biden administration, and they will allow abortions to be performed in the state of Idaho in emergency situations, and not just in situations where a woman’s life is at risk.”

She continued, “The other question is, of course, this is the second time that a major abortion-related ruling has leaked inadvertently out of the Supreme Court. It’s a stunning breach of protocol, and it’s notable because we were about 36 hours out from our debate, which is, I think everyone would agree, a pivotal moment in this campaign.”

Reid also noted that there are at least ten cases still pending that haven’t been released, adding, “We only have two days, and it’s unclear if any of these are opinions. Specifically, the abortion one would come out before the debate.”

Reid stated that she had reached out to various stakeholders, including the Justice Department, the White House, and even the Trump campaign, noting, “This is something that both campaigns are watching very closely. A decision that could potentially have an impact on November. Everyone so far declining to comment until the actual opinion is released.”

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