Supreme Court Drops Trump Immunity Decision Bombshell

It has been noted that The Supreme Court expects to miss its normal deadline of handing down its final opinions by the end of June via The Hill.



The court’s website was updated to reflect the justices expect to hand down opinions on Monday, July 1, though it remains unclear if additional days will be scheduled beyond that. It is noted that Thursday’s update made official what already became apparent earlier in the morning.

By tradition, Chief Justice John Roberts on the penultimate opinion day announces the next one will be the final day. However, Roberts made no such announcement Thursday, noting that Friday’s scheduled opinion release would not be the final day and the court’s work would instead spill over into next week.

The court usually attempts to meet its self-imposed deadline of handing down all opinions by the end of June, only missing it in recent memory when the pandemic shifted normal operations.

However, there is no requirement that the Supreme Court adhere to its normal deadline, save for the justices’ desires to maintain their summer plans. Justice Neil Gorsuch, for example, is scheduled to travel to Portugal to teach a two-week course for George Mason University in the second half of July.

The justices still appear on track to finish their work soon, perhaps as soon as Monday before the court closes for the Independence Day holiday Thursday.

The court has yet to hand down decisions in eight argued cases, including a high-profile battle over former President Trump’s immunity claims, a case that could claw back federal agencies’ power and two cases related to social media.

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