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The Supreme Court will likely make a Donald Trump ruling tomorrow, as seen below:

A local Texas political candidate was apprehended for fabricating fake online racist messages to himself, posing as supporters of his rival via Mediaite.

It has come to light that Texas Rangers arrested Taral Patel on charges of Online Impersonation and Misrepresentation of Identity, according to reports from local outlets and Fox News Digital. Patel is the Democratic candidate running in Fort Bend for the position of Precinct 3 Commissioner.

Law enforcement has alleged that Patel spent months impersonating supporters of his incumbent rival — Republican Commissioner Andy Meyers — by sending himself racist and derogatory online comments.

It has been noted that an arrest record obtained by Fox News shows that the investigation into Patel started back in October 2023. It was spurred after Meyers himself asked authorities to look into who was sending Patel the racist messages.

After the hateful comments were published, Patel made a post in September 2023 on Facebook claiming the remarks were examples of the “deep and misguided fear” from within the GOP.

“As your Democratic candidate for County Commissioner, I am always open to criticism of my policy positions and stances on issues,” Patel wrote on Facebook along with an image showing all the racist remarks.

Patel continued by pointing the blame at Meyers’ supporters writing, “However, when my Republican opponents supporters’ decide to hurl racist, anti-immigrant, Hinduphobic, or otherwise disgusting insults at my family, faith community, colleagues, and me – that crosses a line.”

Law enforcement has accused Patel of using a picture of a Fort Bend resident without the individual’s consent. Following Patel’s arrest earlier this week, the Fort Bend County Republican Chairman Bobby Erberle called Patel’s arrest “deeply concerning” while comparing him to disgraced actor Jussie Smollett.

“Whether Republican or Democrat, such tactics should be unequivocally condemned by all who value integrity and accountability in politics,” Eberle said. “This is not a partisan issue, and the good people of Fort Bend County should be able to trust that when allegations are made, they are sincere.”

He added, “Fort Bend County residents deserve better leadership than someone who will create a fake account and post manufactured racist attacks — attempting to turn neighbor against neighbor — for political gain.”

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