Supreme Court Will ‘Strike Down’ Trump Demand?

According to Newsweek, Legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, a former prosecutor, asserted that the U.S. Supreme Court would likely reject Donald Trump’s claim of presidential immunity in his federal election case to preserve its own authority. The Supreme Court denied a petition from Jack Smith, the special counsel overseeing cases involving Trump, which had sought an expedited consideration of Trump’s immunity case. The case will now follow the standard path through the Washington, D.C., appeals court, potentially reaching the Supreme Court if Trump appeals.



Trump faces multiple criminal indictments and charges at state and federal levels, with a prominent case related to his alleged efforts to contest the 2020 election. Trump, who pleaded not guilty, claimed immunity from criminal prosecutions for actions during his presidency, a claim rejected by the judge overseeing his federal election case.

Kirschner criticized the Supreme Court’s denial of the petition on Twitter, expressing skepticism about the Court’s integrity. He argued that if the Court grants Trump absolute immunity, it would undermine its authority and elevate Trump above the law. Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg concurred, stating that Trump’s claim implies the courts are powerless, a notion that judges often reject.

The Supreme Court’s handling of Trump’s immunity claim will likely be closely watched, with Kirschner and others anticipating the Court’s commitment to its own authority and status.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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