Sylvester Stallone & Adele Bombshell Revealed

Popular singer Adele recently made a major refurb of her £42million LA home as she removed all the movie-themed decor left by former owner Sylvester Stallone. Reports claimed Stallone wanted £90million for the property — but settled for a knockdown price in February.



Adele removes Sylvester Stallone movie decor

The 34-year-old Brit bought the property from the US film star earlier this year, saddling it with a colossal £31.7million mortgage. It has been noted that the Skyfall singer has applied for a permit to remodel the interior of the sprawling eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom mansion.

She wants to strip it of all the references to Rocky and Rambo — two of Stallone’s most famous characters. According to the estate agent selling the property there were Stallone-themed statues and artworks all over the place.

The website said the living room has a “lot of Rambo memorabilia”, including “unique, big graffiti art” which Adele is said to be in the process of removing.

There is even a “memorabilia room and office” containing a “tall statue” of persecuted Vietnam vet John Rambo, who first hit movie screens in 1982’s First Blood.

Rocky Balbao — Stallone’s legendary boxing character — inevitably features in the property located in the exclusive Beverly Park area. A statue of Rocky raising his fist — which he famously did on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum in the first film in 1976 — graces the side of his “infinity pool”. Avid polo fan Stallone also has a player on a horse on the other side of the pool.


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