Sylvester Stallone Attacked Arnold Schwarzenegger At Dinner

Legendary actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are two of the biggest names in Hollywood. Their rivalry has been iconic in the industry. The greatness has created long-lasting trouble between them. Nevertheless, they share a bittersweet bonding throughout the years due to their enemy-friends relationship. Their bromance reached another level in 2012 when they were spotted together, not in a movie, but in a hospital.



It has been noted that Arnold Schwarzenegger hits Channel 4 screens in the Christmas classic Jingle All The Way. The 1996 movie was one of his first that showed he not only had a powerful side to his acting but also some comedic talent as well. Unfortunately for him, Arnie has not always had an easy experience in Hollywood. During the 1970s he found himself butting heads with Rocky star Sylvester Stallone. And one event saw him literally dodging an attack over a dinner table.

Arnold Schwarzenegger recalls the incident

Sly had just made his acting debut as the legendary boxer when he attended the Golden Globes award ceremony in 1977. Rocky was tipped to take home a number of awards at the ceremony, so Sylvester was excited to win a slew of awards – but it didn’t happen exactly like that. Instead, Rocky kept losing to other movies.

To add insult to injury, Arnie sat opposite him at the dinner table. And he found great delight in watching Sylvester lose. He even started poking fun at Sylvester for his losses.

Sly Stallone recalled:

“I’m going: ‘Who is this big guy?’ And he’s gloating and gloating [about Rocky not winning].”

Eventually, Rocky won an award.

“Finally,” Sylvester said. “It’s time for Rocky!”

But, before long, things turned nasty.

Rocky won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture at the ceremony. In a fit of excitement and fury, Sylvester picked up the first thing he saw and launched it straight at Arnie’s head.

“I managed to grab this giant bowl of flowers,” Sylvester remembered. “And heaved it in his direction. It had lilies and tulips… It began a ten-year battle royale. And I thought: ‘The gauntlet is down.'”

Arnie dodged this assault, but it was this aggressive action that kick-started a vicious feud between the two tough guys which lasted for decades, Sly recalled.

He even described their relationship as a “violent hatred” and noted that they “couldn’t stand to be in the same galaxy together.”

Their disdain for one another spilt onto the big screen, as well. Arnie’s film Twins had his character making fun of a Rambo poster. While Sylvester beat up an Arnie lookalike in his movie Tango & Cash. Stallone even admitted he “imagined it was Arnold” during filming.

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