Sylvester Stallone Broke Down Crying At Hotel

The legendary actor Sylvester Stallone recently joined Live With Kelly And Ryan on Wednesday to talk about his early years living in the crime-ridden, poverty-stricken Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan.



Sylvester Stallone recalls his initial days

Stalloned has become one of legendary actors in the action genre but the ride has not been ever smooth. Before his big break with Rocky in 1976, he resided in a transient hotel and shared a bathroom with around 20 people. ‘

‘It was disgusting,” he said. ‘‘You could lay on the bed — open up the window, close it,” he recounted about the cramped living conditions he endured at the time.

He then talked about revisiting his hometown of Hell’s Kitchen. In response to co-host Kelly Ripa asking if it would be emotional to go back to his old neighborhood and recall where it all began, he said yes.

”Yeah, it really is, because, you know it’s like, you don’t want to cry like I was back there. You know, like I took a bath at that fire hydrant,” he shared.

He talked about embracing his emotional propensity:

”I hate to because I am one of those guys that cries at the opening of a letter. ‘I do not know why or where that came from…but that’s my feminine.”

One of the first jobs in his early career was as an usher. He would secretly record shows to later study the dialogue.

”I would listen to the tapes, and I would be like, let me try to write that line differently. Let me try to write that line.”

Stallone has been promoting his new series Tulsa King in New York City this week.The upcoming mob drama will be the award-winning actor’s first television debut, but he said he still favors movies.  Stallone said he had no choice in whether or not he only worked in movies anymore:

”The film business as I knew it and grew up with is gone.”

A lot has changed. These days, he observed that the film industry focuses on making ”big, mega, tentpole movies like Marvel”. A ‘little’ film like Rocky never would have been released but instead streamed.

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