Sylvester Stallone Got Black Eye From Boxing Legend

Professional Wrestling and Entertainment are two avenues where you would see one person take out multiple people at once with his skills. The same doesn’t apply in real life, and Sylvester Stallone learned it the hard way. Sylvester Stallone is not a professional boxer. He made news after his movie Rocky, and the subsequent series became superhits.



While we all know that Mr. T got the boxer’s role in his movie, not everyone knows what happened behind the scenes. Sylvester Stallone recently took to Instagram to share a story about the movie and how the casting for the movie was done.


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He wanted Joe Frazier in the movie as Clubber Lang for Rocky 3. Stallone wanted to make things look real, but little did he know that reality was about to come to check on him. Frazier planted him with a left hook and an overhand right that injured him badly.

Stallone said that the world was spinning around him after that right, but he didn’t feel right after it. It took him six stitches to get the gash on his head fixed. Stallone learned that imitating something and being something in real life are two different things.

The superstar learned why Frazier was able to defeat the legend Muhammad Ali which is still called the ‘Fight of the Century.’ The 15-round classic is always a treat. You can watch it in the video below.

Do you think Frazier would have been a better choice to play the role or not? Sound off in the comments.

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