Sylvester Stallone ‘Permanently Injured’ By WWE Star

According to Insider, reflecting on the profound impact of an injury sustained during filming, Sylvester Stallone, now 77, candidly shared his enduring struggle with recovery during an interview for “Sly.” Recounting the ordeal that had transpired nearly 14 years earlier by Steve Austin on set, he expressed a sense of permanent alteration, emphasizing that his body had never fully rebounded from the incident.



The toll of the injury prompted Stallone to introspectively question the value of his sacrifices, prompting the self-inquiry of whether the physical toll was justified. Pondering the motives behind his actions, he contemplated the underlying desire for external validation, drawing parallels between seeking approval and the yearning for paternal acknowledgment. This internal dialogue revealed the complex psychology that often underlies the pursuit of public acclaim and recognition.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stallone’s former rival turned friend and co-star in “The Expendables” series, also offered his perspective on the incident. Reflecting on the intense nature of action-packed film sets, Schwarzenegger acknowledged the inherent risks but acknowledged Stallone’s propensity for pushing the boundaries to the extreme, surpassing what was deemed reasonable in the pursuit of his craft.

The revelation of Stallone’s injury came to light only after the completion of filming and the commencement of promotional activities for the movie in 2010. Describing the intense nature of the on-set action, Stallone recalled the rigorous fight sequences, particularly his brutal encounter with fellow actor and wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin, which resulted in a hairline fracture in his neck. The severity of the injury necessitated a significant operation, ultimately leading to the insertion of a metal plate in his neck, a detail that had remained undisclosed until the interview.

“Truthfully, I never fully recovered,” Stallone, now 77, said, reflecting on the injury in an interview for “Sly.”

“It did such a number on my body, I’ve never been the same. Never.”

With the event nearly 14 years past him, he said he’s asked himself, “Was it really worth it?”

“Are you doing this for people’s approval? Really, that’s almost like a child needing a pat on their head by their father. That’s constant encouragement. But it’s true,” he said.

It’s not uncommon for an action hero to get injured on set, but I think it is clear that Sly drove it to the extreme,” Schwarzenegger said. “I thought it was too much.”

Stallone’s enduring impact on the “Expendables” franchise was evident, with his character, Barney Ross, serving as the central figure in the initial three installments. However, his reduced screen time in the fourth film, “Expend4bles,” released in the summer, marked a significant departure from his previous involvement. Stallone’s departure from the franchise in 2017, accompanied by a substantial financial settlement, further underscored the profound consequences of his injury and the implications for his future endeavors within the entertainment industry.

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