Sylvester Stallone ‘Terrified’ Top WWE Star

Sylvester Stallone bought on former heavyweight title challenger Earnie Shavers to spar with him for a role in Rocky 3. Stallone called up Shavers’ to spar with him but was in for a surprise when he asked to be hit harder. Shavers would then end up hitting Stallone with a body shot to the liver that sent him down to the ground. He would then go into the bathroom and would not meet with Shavers again.



The role was given to Mr T. In an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Page revealed how Steve Austin touted Stallone as a ‘Top Alpha Dog’. He stated that while Austin was on the set of ‘Expendables’ along with a bunch of other Hollywood A-Listers, ‘Sly’ stood at the top of the rest.

He says I’ll tell you what D and you remember it every top alpha dog is in that first movie because he grabbed the, you know the heavies of the heavies the guys who were the biggest names, and Austin said in a world of Alpha dogs there is one number one guy and his name is Sylvester Stallone and he said when he was doing the Hollywood fight in the back Stallone was like come on bring it like meant it.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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