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Taeler Hendrix uploads screenshots of texts which were reportedly sent to her by Jay Lethal

After Jay Lethal’s response to Taeler Hendrix’s accusations, Hendrix posted a screenshot of some messages which were reportedly sent to her by Jay Lethal. Hendrix said that Lethal sent these messages to her before she was pulled aside by him at an ROH live event. She also suggested that Lethal misbehaved with her after pulling her aside.

Lethal has not responded to this new evidence as of this writing.

  • Maybe Maybe Not

    I’m reserving judgement. I didn’t say that man did anything wrong, simply commenting on his appearance. I know a lot of women are liars. I got a buddy doing twenty years for raping his ex wife. What actually happened was she was cheating on her bf with her ex and when her bf found out, she cried rape because her bf had lots of money and she didn’t want to lose a good thing.

  • jedi

    A rape-y face? Wow just wow but hey maybe or maybe not eh?

  • Sparti Love

    I’m predicting Enzo’s next rap song with feature Black Lethal, who will rap in Macho Man’s voice

  • Arnold Jackson

    Jay already has black balls, what are you talking about? 😉

  • Arnold Jackson

    This lowbrow type of reporting is usually done by Anutosh. Surprised he passed this “story” on to you.

  • CC

    Oh wow, a guy asked to talk to her. What more evidence do you need that he did what he is accused of?
    Until she has something with some kind of actual evidence, they I call bs.

  • Maybe Maybe Not

    Lethal has a rape-y looking face. If he did this, he should be blackballed from the business.

  • jedi

    So he wanted to talk to her before a show they are on together in the same faction? Dont really see the issue…