Take a look at Mustafa Ali’s gnarly black eye sustained after match with Randy Orton

Mustafa Ali got a nasty black eye after wrestling with Randy Orton last night on SmackDown Live.



He posted a picture of his eye on Instagram after the match with the caption, “Just trying to catch your eye.”


Ali didn’t appear to have a black eye while on TV during his match with Orton. There were a few spots in the match that may have caused it though, such as Orton trying to put Ali on the announcer’s table in the early moments of the match, which actually backfired on him.

The match was won by Orton in the end when he saw Ali preparing for the 054 Splash and yanked him off the ropes and hit him with an RKO.

It is also being reported that Ali is wrestling with another injury. Click here for details.

Ali will be heading into Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship match on February 17 when he faces off against champion Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Randy Orton. The PPV will emanate from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas and will stream live on WWE Network.

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