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Talk of Austin Performing at WrestleMania 28, Recent WWE Attendance, More

– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on August 5th in Salt Lake City, Utah drew 4,500 fans for $140,000
* RAW on August 6th in Fresno, California did 4,800 fans for $125,000
* SmackDown on August 6th in Boise, Idaho drew 2,300 fans for $62,000
* The WWE Supershow on August 7th in Stockton, CA drew 3,700 fans for $100,000

– Despite previous reports, Mark Caranno has not been moved from WWE talent development to working directly under Triple H.

– The idea of Steve Austin having a role at WrestleMania 28 has been discussed a lot within WWE but those close to the situation say that the odds are against anything big happening, such as Austin wrestling a match.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Gary

    @Cenasucks, i kinda disagree, if he stunned BOTH men i think it would get pop…now if he stuns just Cena, its be attudie era vs pg era, which would get a huge pop because us Attuide era fans….if he stunned JUST rock then yes, i would agree, austin would get booed huge

  • CenaSucks

    Austin and Punk would out do rock and cena but thats cause cena is in the match lol.

    Same way Rock and Punk would out do Austin and Cena.

    We all know rock will bring it, he has been in these huge matches before, rocks been involved in the biggest matches of all time, cena hasnt.

    Oh and to the guy who said austin would get cheered if he stunned rock, are you high? Rock and austin are equally popular, so anywhere it would be 50/50 but if he did it in miami, austin would get the shit booed out of him by 90% of the crowd

  • Gary

    Austin vs Punk is what most people wanna see but we need sum kind of build up….

  • venom

    Can you imagine Austin and the Rock making a come back on the same night. I want to see Austin wrestle Orton at somepoint.

  • Rob

    Austin to ref Rock vs. Cena, Then hits stunners on both of them to the massive cheers of the crowd

  • V-R-A

    Punk vs. Austin > Rock vs. Cena

  • CM Mark

    That would be the best thing ever.

  • Bill

    Punk vs Austin! Punk vs Austin!