Tamina character taking a dark twist?

Tamina may about to be repackaged, folks.



The powerhouse has not been seen on television since she lost to Bayley at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view last month, however shared the below video on social media, which has since been deleted. A British accent and a straight jacket are used in conveying what looks like will be a new direction for Snuka. Read into what you will re. the removal, but more than likely it was not WWE-sanctioned.

The text accompanying the video reads: “After my devastating loss at #MITB and 10 years of being used and abused it has finally happened…”The Trepidation.”

The middle chorus contains some creepy laughs, with the 42-year-old saying: “a person can only take so much before they crack” but admits “I have never been more alive in all my life.”

“The master’s calling” is Tamina’s final sign off.

What are your thoughts?

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