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Tamina knocked out during WWE live event

Tamina Snuka SMackDown Live

The world of professional wrestling is unpredictable as a superstar could suffer a series of injuries at any time during a match. Tamina Snuka had an unfortunate accident during a live event this week.

During the WWE live event in Augusta, ME, Tamina teamed up with Sarah Logan and took on Naomi and Dana Brooke at the event. During the match, Tamina was hit in the head with a running knee and she was temporarily knocked out cold.

She received medical attention almost immediately and she managed to regain consciousness after many minutes and walked out on her own. However, this is still a concerning matter as it is very possible she developed a concussion.

It was an untimely accident and it could happen to anyone in the ring.


  • Jack Mama

    Nope just WWE

  • CC

    And someone was potentially given a concussion at the AEW PPV .. they must be sloppy as well.

  • Jack Mama

    Still better then WWE

  • CC

    The only reason I can think they are keeping her around is because of the family connection. I really do not see any upsides to her. Everytime she has been on TV she has never got a reaction and nobody has ever remarked on how good her matches are. And the simple fact is, her in ring time is actually less than her on the shelf time.

  • Jeff Bardu

    She’s the very definition of dead weight. If she had at least one positive attribute (wrestling ability, overness, mic work, etc.), I could probably understand keeping her around, but she has nothing of value. why she’s still on the roster is a mystery to me.

  • Jack Mama

    This is why independent shows are so much better. WWE is so sloppy.

  • CC

    I am not gonna mock Tamina for the injury, as anything like this is never deserved, but when she returned and was teamed with Jax she was continuously mocked for her crap she was and would not be anywhere without Jax and as soon as Jax is out with injury, Tamina vanishes again.
    Why does WWE insist in keeping her on their books? She has spent more time on the shelf than she has spent in the ring and when she is in the ring, nobody gives a crap about her.

    She looks lost most of the time with that weird look on her face, is not a great wrestler and has no idea how to deliver a promo.