Tammy “Sunny” Sytch Explains Why She Hates TNA, Report On Nixed Storyline Idea

Former WWE talent Tammy Sytch (a/k/a Sunny) explained during an interview with Women’s Wrestling Today that she loathes TNA Wrestling because when her longtime boyfriend died, Chris Candido, they refused to forward her his last paycheck (for the final shows he appeared, including the show he broke his ankle in, which led to the surgery in which he got an infection and ultimately died from) so she could pay off his outstanding bills.



“They refused, because we weren’t legally married. So bills I had of his, in both our names, ended up being my sole responsibility. It was only a $1,500 check, but still.

“F*****g scumbags.

“They had Terry Taylor call me and tell me that. So he basically broke his ankle and died for free. They sent the check in his name, which I couldn’t endorse and deposit. When I asked them to cut me a new check in my name, they said no.”

The Wrestling Observer notes that in 2008, TNA Wrestling’s creative department contemplated a storyline where Kurt and Karen would split up and have new on-screen relationships. Sytch was the leading candidate for the woman to have a relationship with Kurt. However, a TNA wrestler with influence implored the company not to hire the former WWE Diva, feeling “it wouldn’t work out.” The idea was ultimately dropped.

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